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Food and wine pairing ideas

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Meal and wine pairing

Anjou Villages


Still wine

Serve at: 14-16. °C (57-61 °F)

This wine is paired well with 116meals

Meal families


Beef bourguignon

Long cooking over low heat in a closed container of beef cooked in red wine with mushrooms, onions and bacon. Served with boiled potatoes or pasta.

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Bent River

United States. Minnesota.
Soft-ripened cow's milk cheese with mould on the rind.
Ripening : 5 weeks.

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Consommé and Soup


Soup with beetroot, mushrooms, vegetables (carrot, cabbage, cucumber, beans, onion, potato, tomato) and meat (beef, pork or chicken).

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Braised rib steak

Rib steak : rib of beef with bone attached. Braise : to simmer and stew in a little flavored liquid, food that has been seared on all sides beforehand..

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