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Food and wine pairing ideas

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Food and wine pairing


Club sandwich

Sandwich of toasted bread often cut into quarters or halves and held together by hors-d'œuvre sticks, sliced with white turkey or chicken, grilled bacon, lettuce, tomato slices and mayonnaise.

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101 Pairing, ideas for pairings and dishes

The website is dedicated to food and wine pairing and other drinks (beer, cider, liqueurs…). But why a site on food and drink pairing?

Because this activity of pairing food with wine and other beverages is first and foremost linked to the French art of gastronomy. Since 17 October 2003, UNESCO has been seeking to protect the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the main source of cultural diversity. On 16 November 2010, UNESCO decided to include the gastronomic meal of the French on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

But what is the French gastronomic meal?

The gastronomic meal is defined as a customary social practice designed to strengthen family and social ties by celebrating the most important moments in the lives of individuals and groups, such as births, weddings, anniversaries, successes and reunions.

Each of these moments of conviviality is characterised by the practice of ‘eating well’ and ‘drinking well’.

The gastronomic meal emphasises the pleasure of being together to savour nature’s finest products, enhanced by recipes and paired with wines.

To satisfy this quest for pleasure, the gastronomic meal has a set order.

It always begins with an aperitif, followed by at least four courses, including a starter, a main course (fish and/or meat), cheese and a dessert, before concluding with a digestif to bring out the flavours.

To ensure the success of the gourmet meal, the emphasis is placed on achieving harmony through :

– the quality of the products used and the recipes on offer, which allow diners to discover new products and know-how.

– the presentation of the dishes and the decoration of the table.

– the harmony of flavours achieved by combining food and wine.

– the conversation or gastronomic discourse aimed at sharing and perpetuating knowledge of practices and rituals among participants and new generations.

The French gastronomic meal is the result of at least four centuries of French history in which the meal was used as an instrument to promote the agricultural and oenological production of France’s various agricultural territories and as a tool of cultural, diplomatic and political influence. aims to help you discover the harmonies between food and French protected designation of origin wines and other beverages such as beers, ciders and many others, as well as the possible pairings between these beverages and the dishes on offer.

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