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Food and wine pairing ideas

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Meal and wine pairing


Sparkling wine

Serve at: 50-70. °C (122-158 °F)

This wine is paired well with 64meals

Meal families



Speciality of the Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece, North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey…
Dessert made of many layers of filo pastry dough separated with melted butter, or oiled dough layered in which there's a mixture of dried fruit (hazelnuts, walnuts or pistachios), sometimes spices (cloves) finely ground and crushed, which is then dipped in a sweet liquid (lemon and sugar water, orange blossom, honey, rose ...).

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Caramel merveilleux

Belgium. France.
Cake in shape of a sphere or a medium-sphere made of two meringues welded with praline whipped cream and covered with caramelized almond and hazelnut slivers.

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