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Food and wine pairing ideas

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Meal families



France. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Haute-Savoie. Savoie.
Semi-soft raw goat’s milk cheese and mould on the rind.

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Mushrooms, Vegetables, Pasta and Rice

Seven-vegetable couscous with herb broth

Steamed semolina served with vegetable stew (purple artichoke, carrot, zucchini, beans, turnips, peas, tomato) accompanied by a spicy broth.
Pair according to the hotness of the harissa spice.

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Salade landaise

Mixed salad with asparagus, foie gras and gizzards duck, raw ham, smoked duck breast, corn, lettuce, pine nuts and tomatoes.

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Main meals


France. Grand-est. Vosges.
Dish cooked in a pot over a low heat (1h30 to 2h) made with onions, potatoes, slices of bacon or lardons and white wine with or without leek.
Served with a green salad.

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