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Food and wine pairing ideas

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Meal and wine pairing

Grand Roussillon Rancio

Still wine

Serve at: 16-18. °C (61-64 °F)

This wine is paired well with 73meals

Meal families



United Kingdom. West Midlands.
Hard sheep's raw milk cheese with natural rind.
Ripening : 12 months.

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Caramel merveilleux

Belgium. France.
Cake in shape of a sphere or a medium-sphere made of two meringues welded with praline whipped cream and covered with caramelized almond and hazelnut slivers.

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Italy. Cuneo. Castelmagno, Pradleves and Monterosso Grana.
Semi-hard raw whole cow's milk cheese with a washed rind, sometimes some milk from ewe or goat may be added to the cow's milk.
Ripening : 2 to 5 months.

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Italy. Lombardy. Piedmont.
Semi-hard pasteurized whole cow's milk cheese with a washed rind.
Ripening : 3 months.

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